May Is Posture Awareness Month; Your health starts with you!

Week 1: Welcome to May and Posture Awareness Month.  There are so  many examples of good and bad posture.  More importantly, bad posture is connected so many long term health related conditions.  “As the wind blows, the tree grows.”  If you are young and still growing, your body is still developing. We always talk about prevention.  This is an easy one for you and your family to work on and be aware of.  For more details, you can always contact the doctors of the Yalich Clinic for more information.

good posture and bad posture

Week 2: Each year the doctors of the Yalich Clinic not only spend time in the office with our patients but on the road teaching “ergonomics”.  One part, but a very big part is posture in the work place (I had to make sure I was sitting properly when I wrote that).   Below are some helpful hints that alone can make a difference.  Just think… if you could do more the physically help yourself, even if you have top sit, why know do it.   We recently completed Sitting Safe workshops at NASA and the Maryland Department of Transportation.  For more information, contact our office at 410-766-4878… but for now, sit up a little straighter, bring those shoulders back, and get up as frequently as you can.

posture check_flyer_Workplace Wellness