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April 28, 2015
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May 1, 2015

2015 Chesapeake Safety Workshop Was More Than A Success

Bob Lawson, Dr. Clifford Solomon and Dr. Sok present Current Topics in Safety, Health and Environmental Issues

Bob Lawson, Dr. Clifford Solomon and Dr. Sok present Current Topics in Safety, Health and Environmental Issues

I had the opportunity to teach with Dr. Clifford Solomon (co-director of the UM Baltimore Washington Spine and Neuroscience Center) at the 2015 Chesapeake Educational Seminar or Health, Safety and Environmental Issues. Special thanks to Bob Watson and Jim Lewis, co-chairs for this event working with American Society of Safety Engineers, Johns Hopkins Education and Research Center for Occupational Safety and Health, as well as AIHA. Great speakers, fabulous audience all in one single location.  We have been trying to get on the same speaker’s panel for YEARS…

All the speakers in the health track focused on my favorite topic, PREVENTION.  Dr. Solomon started off with a phrase that is reflected in the way he practices, “the best surgery is no surgery”.  While he is one of the most talented surgeons in the US, he recommends different courses of care for his patients, to help in the short and long term.  If surgery is truly necessary, implementing “pre-hab” is a must.  I see many of Dr. Solomon’s patients scheduled for surgery and told to do our best to get that patient in the best shape possible so they can benefit from the surgery they are about to receive.  I along the way they respond to conservative care, and do not need surgery, everyone benefits.

Kathy Mahon, PT focused on the time it takes help people really recover and how much comes from educating the patient on how to help themselves.

I got to speak last addressing the importance of having employees treat themselves like professional athletes.  Prepare themselves better to come to work.  Do the right things while they are at work. And practice those good habits at home too.  The last thing an employer wants is to have an employee hurt themselves at home and bring their problems to work.  Prevention is key.  The healthier and more informed employees are, the less likely the chances for missed time and work and limited production.

Thank you to everyone involved in putting this forum together. I am looking forward to next year’s conference!

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