May 1, 2015
Functional Movement Screens (FMS) for Combat Athletes with Heroes of Tomorrow
June 3, 2015

Dr. Gangl Perez Helps Heroes of Tomorrow

image(6)On Saturday, May 9, 2015, Dr. Nicole Gangl Perez met with members of Heroes of Tomorrow, an army of veterans and other experts who donate their time and share their experiences to prepare Americans who have made the heroic choice to serve our country and communities.  To assist Heroes of Tomorrow volunteers in their mission to provide FREE group training and information that will enable these prospective candidates to excel in military, law enforcement, public safety, and fire fighter training, Dr. Gangl Perez led the candidates through a series of mobility and recovery exercises utilizing foam rollers to perform myofascial release leading to:

  • Increased blood flow to muscles, reduced pain levels and stress, enhanced tissue healing, and increased flexibility.
  • Effective mobilization of tight muscles, knots, trigger points, along with tissues and joints in the body that are not moving well.

Following her clinic, Dr. Gangl Perez answered candidates’ questions regarding how the Yalich Clinic can “keep them in the game”.image(2)

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