COVID-19 Update from the Yalich Clinic
March 13, 2020
April 13, 2020 COVID-19 Update
April 13, 2020

Prevention: Starts With Each Of Us

While work at theYalich Clinic continues, staying open through the pandemic, I still get a chance to spend a lot of time at home. It was a combination or a challenge by a good friend and being “quarantined” with the family that inspired us to create the music video “Wash Your Hands“. To different degrees, we are all in this together; each doing what we can, when we can to maintain health and sanity. It is our family’s hope that this video puts a little smile on your face as each of us has to do our part. Feel free to share it…

Thank you to Marie, Alanna and Mori not only for the video, but for being family. Enjoy!

Dr. Sok

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