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October 2, 2019
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November 18, 2019

Technology Creates Chiropractic Job Security on College Campuses

It has been exciting and an honor to be one of the team chiropractors for a major university in the area for 12 + years. Covering the training room provides challenges, dealing with a variety of conditions, different mechanisms of injury and body types. But today, I visualized what I already knew (or atleast thought I knew). While I wanted to take a picture of this event, due to all sorts of privacy reasons I did not and will keep this story short and to the point.

Dr. Sokoloff with former MD Terp and Baltimore Raven Torrey Smith prior to the Penn State game.

I was working on my last student athlete of the day. By chance, I peeked out of the door from my treatment room to the waiting area and saw 2 of her teammates I had just treated. They were sitting, bent over in horrible posture, heads down on their cell phones. The question was not, are they studying? Updating social media? Texting a friend? … that did not matter. Typically, after a student athlete is treated, they may work with their ATC or PT, or stretch / foam roll. But this time I just happened to catch “picture” of what really was going on.  When I was done treating, the 4 of us had a brief discussion about healthier options to do after getting adjusted and what certainly not to do.  Hopefully the lesson sunk in on this day, as I know it is not always the case. Posture plays such an important role in the life of a student athlete, given the amount of studying and classroom time they have to put in.

As long as technology continues to improve, chiropractors now and into the future will always be needed and have job security!  

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