Keeping The Holidays Healthy
November 18, 2019
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January 28, 2020

The Busiest Time of the Year? Maybe…

I always get asked, “what is your busiest time of the year?” To which I reply, “we are always busy.” But during the holiday season, there are a few reasons why this time of year, we stay busy. No, it is not because deductible may be met and… It is what I call the “Christmas Triad”. It is what people do before, during and after the holiday season that gets them in trouble.  Let me break down part 1 for you without getting into too many details.  It is called the “Pre-season”.

  1. Holiday decorations. Getting them out of the attic and actually hanging them. Lifting and reaching and pulling and ladders and… you get it. Be careful. Get help when you need it.
  2. Gifts: Carrying gifts at the malls, putting them in your trunk, taking them out… but the worst and number one cause of back pain during the holidays is WRAPPING GIFTS.  Here are a couple of simple rules. 1. STAY OFF OF THE FLOOR (you may not get back up.) 2. STAY OUT OF BED (unless you are going to sleep). Do not wrap in bed. 3. Use an ironing board. They are adjustable to your height and stand while you wrap. 4. Get a small box to put under the ironing board and rest one foot on and it, switching feet regularly. (it is call the “bar” effect.  5. Take breaks. Hopefully you did not wait until the last minute… ? .
  3. The tree. Real or not carrying/lift along with reaching for that proper ornament placement… you get it.

That is just the start. Parts 2 and 3 of the Triad will follow. Most importantly is if you do hurt yourself, doing the right thing as soon as possible after an injury can make or break a happy and health holiday season.

More to come…

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