Tips for Safe Gardening

Yalich Clinic – Tips for Safe Gardening

Tips for Safe Gardening

After a long week of work, you may look forward to a restful weekend including working in the garden. Fresh air, sunshine and nature in one setting can potentially turn this dream weekend into a week of pain. Most of us who have not done any gardening in the winter and early spring may have been relatively inactive during those times. Gardening provides many potential venues for injury. The following are tips you can use throughout the rest of the spring and summer to assure safety and wellness through an enjoyable time of the year.

Warm up with a brisk walk or light running, moving your arms to loosen muscles and joints to help increase flexibility.

Do not do too much the first day! If you are a weekend gardener, pace yourself. Your body will not be doing physical things it’s used to.

When weeding or working on low plants, kneel down or get on your hands and knees instead of bending over and twisting at the waist. If kneeling, use a cushion or knee pads for stabilization.

Use long handle tools to avoid bending while raking, shoveling and mowing.

Switch hands frequently while doing yard work for extended periods of time. Repetitive motion on one side for too long can lead to the injury.

Carry only manageable loads. Divide up smaller loads or get help.

Hold or carry objects close to your body to prevent back straining and maintain balance.

Avoid laying in the sun for long periods of time. Keep yourself covered and wear at least 15spf protection sunscreen.

Following these simple tips can make your free time more enjoyable and allow you to receive the “fruits” of your labor. If you do experience pain or discomfort, it is always worth having a good chiropractic check-up as soon as possible to evaluate your present condition and prevent further injury or damage. If you do experience pain while working, stop and feel free to consult us regarding home or treatment recommendations. You can reach us any time at 410-766-HURT (4878).

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