Heat Injury Prevention for Student Athletes

Yalich Clinic – Heat Injury Prevention for Student Athletes

Dr. Sok’s Practical Tips for Preventing Heat Illness

By Dr. Alan K. Sokoloff, D.A.C.B.S.P.

Dr. Sok’s Practical Tips for Preventing Heat Illness

  1. Keep Cool! The cooler they stay, the longer you can play.
  2. It is all about HYDRATION
    1. if you get thirsty, it’s too late!
    2. Drink before, during, and after practice.
    3. Try this:
      1. Drink 20oz 1-2 hours before practice
      2. Drink 4-8oz every 15-20 minutes during practice
      3. Drink 20-24oz of fluid per pound of bodyweight lost after practice
  3. Be Prepared / Heat Acclimation
    1. Start getting used to the heat before pre-season starts
  4. Monitor Your Supplements and Medications
    1. Prescriptions/non-prescriptions/recreational drugs can all influence heat production and heat loss
    2. Risk of heat related illness increases greatly with these substances
    3. If you are not familiar with a product you take and how it can be affected by heat and excercise, ASK SOMEONE
  5. Off Field Behavior
    1. Athletes that may be consuming alcohol or large amounts of caffeine increase their susceptibility
    2. Alcohol slows down reaction time, decreases han/eye coordination, limits strength/power/endurance/speed/balance
    3. Alcohol adversely effects heart and liver function
    4. Additionally, alcohol may impair temperature regulation during prolonged exercise in the heat, as well as the cold and its diuretic effect may lead to dehydration
    5. Alcohol will slow down recovery time after physical activity, such as a practice or game and will increase healing time if injured!


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