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August 9, 2018
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September 5, 2018

Welcome Back to School… And Backpack Safety


Back to school… we spend this time of year rushing through the stores to by last minute school supplies.  One of the areas we need to spend a little more time on is in the selection of backpacks. Yes, there is more to looks and how many compartments there are when selecting a backpack. Each year a large number of school aged kids present to our office and to doctors across the country, with chief complaints directly from or indirectly cause from incorrect backpack use (acute and chronic). Yes, there are backpacks that are designed to help our kids prevent injuries.  But much like an ergonomic chair, it can be the best, most ergonomic in the world but if you sit all day, it is not good for your back. If you use a 2018 Backpack Safetyfancy, expensive backpack the wrong way, it can still lead to an acute injury or an overuse condition.

There are some tips listed above and  American Chiropractic Association has done a great job putting a little presentation together to help you help your kids.  An ounce of prevention? More like POUNDS of prevention. 

Have a safe back to school season, and if the need arises, always feel free to contact our office directly. If there are concerns, we can examine your child and their backpack, helping them to get and stay healthy during the school year.



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