Helping Yourself

Yalich Clinic – Helping Yourself

The Yalich Clinic prides itself on providing each of our patients with home exercises and activities of daily living designed specifically for you! Doing the right exercises at the right time, in conjunction to our provided care can not only help you heal better and faster now, but help with prevention / reoccurrence in the future.


Chiropractic Care

The important fact to remember is the quicker you address and take care of an injury, the quicker it will resolve. The longer you let things go, the longer the healing process.

Physical Therapy

Every injury is different and treatment plans should be individualized to meet each person's needs. Here at the clinic, we pride ourselves on just that.

New Patients

Your treatment will be individualized to you and your specific needs. It is then explained in detail, allowing you to be fully involved in your own recovery.


Have one of our doctors be your next speaker at your next league or team meeting. They can be designed for coaches,parents, or even involve the kids!