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October 26, 2021
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August 2, 2022

Thank you to everyone that made #pfcs2022 possible

Thank you to everyone that made #pfcs2022 possible.  I was fortunate enough to serve as the president of the Professional Football Chiropractic Society for the last 2 terms.   I was honored to do it with a great team.  It starts at the top with our executive director, Brenda J Ellis. Then it is our board, Karen Slota, Landon Christy, Joe Krzemien, Fred Casper, and Stacey Conrad. I am confident that our new board will rock the PFCS for years to come.  Our members, the other doctors of chiropractic in the NFL, support the organization and its mission statements in so many ways. Not only what you can see on the surface but all they do behind the scenes. The doctors that attended #PFCS2022 were special as well. I learned so much from them, some I have not seen in years, as did all the students that attended. Speaking of the students… that is what separates the PFCS Conference from any other.  The interactions, the sharing of stories and knowledge in both directions makes our seminar so unique.  I have been honored to hire 3 students from our conference over the last 20 years. Our speakers and educators are the best of the best. The stories, pictures and experiences that have appeared on line are only a fraction of what attendees and members experienced during our seminar at the NFL Combine in Indy this year (and for the last 20 years).  The sponsors who have supported us for years are the best! And now the new ones are part of taking us to another level … slowly exposing the best kept secret in sports chiropractic. The PFCS!

If you are a chiropractor or chiropractic student thinking about working in or with sports, stay tuned for #PFCS2023.  You will not be disappointed…

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